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additive manufacturing.

the definitive show for the business of additive manufacturing and 3d printing.

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create. digitise. measure.

supporting technologies for design. scanning. inspection. metrology. manufacture.

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vision. ideas. education.

hear visionary insights from industry and community, a thought provoking platform.

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automotive. medical. aerospace.

learn how super users in the automotive, aerospace, medical and defence industries deploy the technologies.

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inspire. design. make.

harnessing cutting edge technology and incredible creativity, inspiration and learning on tap.

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art. fashion. jewellery.

stunning examples and case studies from the creative worlds of art, design, jewellery, fashion and architecture.

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3d printing.

the largest event for the 3d printing and personal manufacturing community of consumers. prosumers and makers.

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the place to do business.

international meeting point for the additive manufacturing and 3d printing industry.

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Welcome to the world's leading 3D printing, additive manufacturing and product development event for every level of interest from hackerspace to aerospace.

For twenty years TCT has served as a launch pad for innovation and is known globally as the business forum for the latest in 3D design and manufacturing technology.

Held annually TCT showcases almost 200 exhibitors. The event features the entire spectrum of 3D printing and additive manufacturing machines in action as well as supporting technologies and software for scanning, digitising and inspection and for design and manufacturing.

Alongside the show floor TCT presents a wide range of internationally recognised keynote presentations from industry leaders, evangelists, commentators and super users who shine the spotlight on the technologies and signpost how they will develop in the future.

In 2014 almost 10,000 attendees from over 50 countries will visit TCT for insights, education and most importantly to do business. The mix of inspirational speakers, cutting edge technology and innovative initiatives such as Bright Minds UK, the Startup Zone and the RepRap Hub — all accessible with no entrance fees for attendees — is unique.

As a result TCT attracts business leaders, early adopters and a wide range of users from across concept, design and manufacturing to an event where they can see tomorrow’s technology today.

We look forward to you joining us!
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