Exhibitor Press Releases

LINK3D Launches Largest Platform To Connect Engineers With Global Additive Manufacturing Services
Published by:  LINK3D
07 May 2017
New York, NY – May 2017 – After 2 years of research and development, LINK3D ; the first global, secure platform that instantly connects engineers to additive manufacturing service providers, is now available to the entire additive manufacturing industry. LINK3D’s proprietary technology provides engineers with a fully automated request-for-quote (RFQ)...
Published by:  PARZLICH s.r.o.
16 Aug 2017
Tough, but still flexible Flexfill 98A series has brand new color!
Pleasure to introduce you Flexfill 98A Powder Beige. After an incredible success of our Flexfill 98A series, we're happy to announce a brand new color - Flexfill 98A Powder Beige ! Flexfill 98A series...
MV multivibrators
Published by:  Walther Trowal Ltd
15 Aug 2017
If you have workpieces with hard-to-process contours that require fine finishing or polishing, the multivibrators of the MV series are the ideal choice. The respective workpiece is secured mechanically or electromagnetically, and processed using vibrating abrasive media and special fluids. This ensures a consistent finish on both the internal and...
Walther Trowal G Series Driers
Published by:  Walther Trowal Ltd
14 Aug 2017
APPLICATIONS After completion of the mass finishing process the finished parts are generally wet. Circular vibratory driers of the model range G are utilized for drying the finished parts. After the parts have been transferred into the G drier they pass through a heated medium that can consist of...
Walther Trowal CF200
Published by:  Walther Trowal Ltd
14 Aug 2017
Trowal rotary vibrators are truly universal mass finishing machines that can be used for a wide variety of work pieces and finishing objectives. Their applications range from aggressive deburring and edge radiusing all the way to high gloss polishing of delicate work pieces, i.e. from intensive...
Guyson to Release Details of Powder Recovery System at TCT 2017
Published by:  Guyson International Ltd
14 Aug 2017
Leading surface finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International will be releasing details of their latest powder recovery system, aimed at additive manufacturers with powder based systems, at the forthcoming TCT + Personalize show which is held at the NEC from the 26-28th September 2017. Alongside, Guyson will be showcasing its range...
Looking for a water soluble filament having excellent printability, low moisture absorpbtion and neat water solubility ?
Published by:  Kuraray Europe GmbH
11 Aug 2017
Kuraray is launching a new 3D printing filament manufactured under the MOWIFLEX™ brand offering a ground breaking water soluble support material technology to 3D printing.

MOWIFLEX™ as a water soluble support material for 3D printing shows excellent printability and cold water solubility combined with low moisture absorption from...
Compact lightweight Toray Oxygen Analyser with remote sensor is ideal for Glovebox applications
Published by:  Weatherall Equipment & Instruments Ltd
10 Aug 2017
High accuracy, durable and compact The SD/LD-450 Oxygen Analyser manufactured by Toray Engineering Ltd is ideal for monitoring Oxygen levels accurately at very low ppb levels thus providing the atmosphere required for the safe and quality controlled environment required in Glovebox applications . The SD/LD-450 features a very...
Published by:  Advanc3D Materials GmbH
10 Aug 2017
Polypropylene (PP) is the most commodity plastic material used in the world. The reason is that PP offers excellent mechanical properties at an attractive price. It is used in a wide range of industry for series production.

The main application of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is prototyping and...
ITI and CADfix make advances in smart prosthetics
Published by:  International TechneGroup Limited
09 Aug 2017
ITI and CADfix make advances in smart prosthetics manufacturing platform as part of EU initiative

Cambridge, UK, May 4, 2017 – International TechneGroup Limited (ITI) announces its ongoing participation in European Horizon 2020 research project, Symbionica . The project, which reached the halfway mark this month, aims to...
Australian Firm Maxxia Acquires Anglo Scottish Asset Finance
Published by:  Anglo Scottish Finance
13 Nov 2015
Roger Skinner, CEO of Maxxia, stated “We have been aware of Anglo Scottish for a while given its positive reputation in the market, however, we have only been in negotiations with them in recent months. “Anglo Scottish is a perfect addition to our business at this very exciting juncture...
We Make Your Idea Reality
Published by:  Sky Prototyping and Tooling Co. Ltd
08 Aug 2017
We are a customer-centric prototyping and low-volume manufacturing provider based in Shenzhen, China. Our company is built on a solid foundation of customer satisfaction, and strict standards of quality control.
We Make Your Idea Reality
Published by:  Sky Prototyping and Tooling Co. Ltd
08 Aug 2017
We are a customer-centric prototyping and low-volume manufacturing provider based in Shenzhen, China. Our company is built on a solid foundation of customer satisfaction, and strict standards of quality control.
Valuechain acquires leading supply chain portal business
Published by:  Valuechain
16 Jun 2017
British software developer, Valuechain has acquired the Xactio supply chain portal business from Canda Systems.

This acquisition supports Valuechain’s buy and build strategy to integrate complementary technologies focused on advanced manufacturing supply chains.

First developed in 2006, by Canda Systems, Xactio is currently used by several...
Valuechain launches premier manufacturing software for additive manufacturers
Published by:  Valuechain
12 Jun 2017
British manufacturing software developer Valuechain has launched a new version of its production control software; DNA am , for Additive Manufacturers.

DNA am is the 7 th version of Valuechain’s Production control offering, and is the 3 rd new product launched this year as the Cheshire-based company continue...
Oxygen Deficiency Monitoring in 3D printer rooms
Published by:  Weatherall Equipment & Instruments Ltd
04 Aug 2017
The use of inert gases, such as Argon, in 3D Printing systems can present a safety threat. If a leak occurs the Argon will displace the Oxygen in the air which could lead to staff asphyxia. This makes the monitoring of Oxygen levels outside the chamber essential. This can...
Published by:  Sharebot Srl
03 Aug 2017
Sharebot is a dynamic company devoted to develop high precision, reliable and easy to use 3D printers. Sharebot printers are dedicated to professional and desktop market: our aim is to provide the perfect tool to optimize the professional workflow and transform any desk in a personal creation center. Sharebot offers...
Watch your Supports Melt Away with Vanish Filament
Published by:  3D Print Works
03 Aug 2017
3D Print Works will be demonstrating their new water dissolvable filament. Is it PVA I hear you ask? No, absolutely not, it is a filament that actually gets the job done!

Vanish Filament can be placed in tap water and left to melt away, even from hard to...
Runice-Timing belts, RF series-Low Dust and Low Vibration.
Published by:  Runice Power Transmission (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
02 Aug 2017
Runice, RF series belts with great advantages of low dust and low vibration:

1. Precision arc tooth, to ensure the precise positioning and quiet efficient transmission.

2. Tooth facing, specially woven and treated nylon fabric that reduces friction of belts in the pulley and resist abrasion...
Runice - Timing pulleys - 2GT /S2M/3GT etc.
Published by:  Runice Power Transmission (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
02 Aug 2017
RUNICE has strict standards for pulleys' accurancy, teeth jumping tolerance can be controlled under 0.05mm, concentricity also guaranteed. And Runice will stock up regular sizes pulleys with big quantity to arrange efficient delivery. Below are some sizes for your reference.

1)Standard pulleys for 3D printers

Published by:  Runice Power Transmission (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
02 Aug 2017
Runice is one of the most high-end suppliers of 3D printer components from China, mainly focusing on transmission parts such as timing belts, pulleys etc. So pleased to inform that Runice just adds new imported machines to produce super high quality nozzles, hot end, heatsink etc. Here please find some...
Published by:  IMADE3D - Home of the JellyBOX
07 Nov 2016
SOURCE: http://makezine.com/product-review/jellybox/ JellyBOX: Make Magazine - Best for Schools Award By Shawn Grimes. Nov. 7, 2016 The Jellybox had an amazing underdog story at the DigiFab Testing Shootout. As we gathered around the testing area on the first night, the sea of machines to test...
Reliable and Accurate Toray Oxygen Analysers are ideal for 3D printer applications
Published by:  Weatherall Equipment & Instruments Ltd
01 Aug 2017
Weatherall Equipment and Instruments Ltd are pleased to announce the availability of the LC-450A Zirconia Oxygen Analyser from Toray Engineering of Japan.

3D Metal Printing takes place in a sealed chamber and requires the chamber to be almost completely vacuumed of Oxygen. These very low levels of Oxygen...
Quill Vogue showing the fully ventilated SLM Wash Station at TCT Show 2017!
Published by:  Quill Vogue
31 Jul 2017
Quill Vogue is excited to be demonstrating the quick, quiet and effective SLM post processing solution at TCT Show 2017!

SLM technology allows engineers to design and print complex geometries including intricate lattices, internal channels and blind threads of less than 0.5mm. Cleaning these complicated structures can create...
Published by:  Proto Labs Ltd
01 Jul 2017
Proto Labs, the rapid prototyping and on-demand digital manufacturing service provider, based in Telford, Shropshire, announces the acquisition of 26 new CNC machines from supplier, HAAS Automation, in the UK. This expansion is reflective of the level of innovation in industry and strength in UK manufacturing. As one of...
Published by:  Proto Labs Ltd
01 Jul 2017
Rapid prototyping and on-demand manufacturer Proto Labs reports its largest European infrastructure investment since the UK business was established in 2005. The business has financed a spend of around €4 million on new manufacturing technology and facility renovations; primarily in Telford, UK and also it’s other locations across Europe. The...
Published by:  ABBAS, a.s.
31 Jul 2017
RangeVison is a cutting edge developer of structured-light 3D scanners since 2010. At TCT show 2017 (Birmingham, UK) the company presents two 3D scanners – PRO 2M and Spectrum. RangeVision PRO are professional 3D scanners which are capable of digitizing objects of different shapes and sizes simply by switching...
15 years better
Published by:  EnvisionTec GmbH
26 Jul 2017
EnvisionTEC will be exhibiting this year in booth C30. We will display our range of leading class 3D printers and materials. Talk to us to understand why EnvisionTEC’s 3D printing technology is the market leader. On display will be our latest desktop printer models that are suitable for the smallest...
Published by:  3DCeram
21 Jun 2017
3DCeram, ( www.3Dceram.com ), a French company based in Limoges that brings together a range of experts from the field of materials and processes for the 3D printing of ceramic objects and specialists in 3D printing using stereolithography, have just announced a partnership with the University of Shandong in China....
Published by:  3DCeram
12 Jun 2017
3DCeram ( www.3Dceram.com ), a French company specialising in 3D ceramic processes and materials, is proud to unveil a new British partnership deal with 3D Matters (3DM). This partnership will give the French company a foothold in the UK market, pooling both companies’ additive manufacturing expertise in 3D-printed ceramics ....
3T RPD student success at Year in Industry presentations
Published by:  3T RPD Ltd
19 Jul 2017
As one of the UK’s leading production Additive Manufacturing (AM) companies, 3T RPD is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of engineers through its own apprenticeship programme and by taking part in the EDT Student Year In Industry scheme. This scheme gives students the opportunity to work at 3T as...
3T RPD Launches metal AM 'One-Stop-Shop' facility
Published by:  3T RPD Ltd
19 Jul 2017
Following the acquisition of larger premises to allow it to take advantage of a significant increase in demand, 3T RPD has become, what it believes is, the UK’s first production Additive Manufacturing (AM) ‘ One-Stop-Shop ’ by adding a complete finishing facility to its metal manufacturing capability.

3T RPD Launches Buy-online site for plastic products
Published by:  3T RPD Ltd
19 Jul 2017
3T RPD, the UK’s leading supplier of 3D printing also known as Additive Manufacturing , has launched a new consumer website allowing customers to order their plastic 3D printing online .

The new buy-online site, which can be found at www.3trpd.co.uk/buyonline , has been designed using 3T’s extensive...
Polygonica Software New Features at TCT Show 2017
Published by:  MachineWorks Ltd
18 Jul 2017
Polygonica , the software development toolkit for processing polygon meshes , from the creators of MachineWorks Simulation Software, recently launched version 2.1. Demonstrations of the new release will be on display at the TCT Show 2017 in Hall 3, Stand E44 , between the 26 th and the 28 th...
Published by:  Oerlikon Metco Europe GmbH
17 Jul 2017
Pfäffikon Schwyz, Switzerland – May 3, 2017 – Oerlikon announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire Scoperta Inc., an innovative solution provider in advanced materials development, based in California, USA. With the acquisition, Oerlikon gains for its Surface Solutions Segment unique and proprietary process technology and expertise...
Published by:  Oerlikon Metco Europe GmbH
17 Jul 2017
Pfäffikon, Schwyz, Switzerland – June 21, 2017 – Oerlikon (SIX: OERL) announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GE Additive (NYSE: GE) to collaborate on accelerating the industrialization of additive manufacturing (AM). The five-year agreement between Oerlikon and GE specifies the provision of additive...
Sievgen to debut powder sieving units at TCT
Published by:  Farleygreene Ltd
17 Jul 2017
Sievgen Ltd will be exhibiting their updated flagship model, the fully automated Sievgen 04, demonstrating its integrating fully monitored inert sieving capability, batch logging and increased usability. This unit is aimed at customers looking to increase their production flow, minimising powder handling time, and reducing potential exposure to powder outside...
LPW showcases full build traceability for metal AM at TCT Show
Published by:  LPW Technology Ltd
13 Jul 2017
LPW Technology Ltd will be showcasing its full traceability solution with the innovative PowderSolve software system and PowderTrace smart hopper at the TCT Show 2017. Located at Hall 3 Stand E42, the market leader in the development, processing and supply of high quality metal powders and end-to-end solutions for the...
Witness Accelerating 3D Technologies with SYS Systems at TCT 2017
Published by:  SYS Systems Limited
12 Jul 2017
SYS Systems is set to showcase the widest range of 3D printing innovations yet at this year’s TCT event at the NEC, Birmingham.

Over a period of three action-packed days visitors can expect to witness live demonstrations from 3D printing professionals at SYS Systems using the latest machines,...
Monoprice Stakes its Claim as the World’s Leading 3D Printing Developer with New Entry-Level and Professional Solutions
Published by:  Monoprice Inc
05 Jan 2017
E-Commerce Retailer Also Expands Product Categories to Include Home Appliances, Showcases New Technologies at the Venetian Las Vegas at CES 2017

Las Vegas, NV (Jan. 5, 2017) — Monoprice , a leading online retailer offering high-quality and affordably priced consumer electronics and accessories, today announced the expansion...
MKS' Ophir® Business Unit Announces BeamCheck™, Beam Profiling System for Additive Manufacturing
Published by:  MKS Ophir
13 Mar 2017
Andover, MA, March 13, 2017 – MKS Instruments, Inc . (NASDAQ: MKSI), a global provider of
technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity, has announced
BeamCheck™ from Ophir®, a new beam profiling system that ensures accurate laser
performance in additive manufacturing applications, like selective laser sintering (SLS) and
Published by:  VSHAPER
05 Jul 2017
Walks in a space suit, meals made of insects and space storms - this will be the reality of 6 people who will reside in the base to simulate Moon or Mars mission, this summer. The base is in Rzepiennik Biskupi, which houses the largest private observatory in Poland. This...
VERASHAPE Licenses Siemens PLM Software Technology to Enhance 3D Printing
Published by:  VSHAPER
05 Jul 2017
Verashape, the producer of VSHAPER 3D Printers, supported by The National Centre for Research and Development, has been conducting intensive research into innovative additive manufacturing in Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park Aeropolis. As part of this project, the R&D department of Verashape is working on software supporting the process of...
HZG Studies Hybrid Structures with 3D Printing Technology
Published by:  VSHAPER
05 Jul 2017
While energy efficiency is becoming the overriding goal of virtually every industrial company, many research institutes are conducting studies into materials and solutions which can help conserve raw materials and energy resources. Among such institutes is the German Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht which is using VSHAPER ONE Pro 3D Printer to analyse...
BORG Automotive is 3D Printing Components
Published by:  VSHAPER
05 Jul 2017
Until recently 3D Printing technology has been perceived as a technological novelty. Nowadays not only is it presented in world’s biggest trade fairs but it also became an integral part of machinery park of many manufacturing plants. BORG Automotive has recently become one of the companies implementing additive manufacturing as...
Cutting-edge World Class 3D Printer Created in Poland
Published by:  VSHAPER
05 Jul 2017
The financial support of OP Smart Growth 2014-2020 has made the ongoing intensive work on the development of 3D VSHAPER possible. Worth 2,8 million euros ‘Globally innovative additive printer’ project, set up by the Polish producer, has been subsidized with 2 million euros. The aim of the venture pursued...
HK3D Introduces a New Metal 3D Printer to the UK for less than £90,000
Published by:  HK3D Solutions Ltd.
28 Jun 2017
HK has been revolutionising the machine tool industry for over 60 years now, this appetite for innovation has more recently seen the company lead the manufacturing industry in 3D printing. Now, the Rugby based company is taking 3D evolution a step further with the new Metal X 3D printing machine...
Innofil3D’s polypropylene filament for 3D-printing
Published by:  Innofil3D
31 May 2017
Innofil3D has released a new material called Polypropylene (PP) for 3D-printing. As of now this engineering material, which is widely used for industrial applications, is available at Innofil3D’s partners. With this new material the company believes it can offer solutions for specific industrial 3D-printing applications.


RP Technologies Invest £120,000 in Machinery and Employee 4 New Members of Staff
Published by:  RP Technologies Ltd
16 Jun 2017
Leading prototype & production tooling and plastic injection moulding company, RP Technologies invest £120,000 which will increase their tool room and injection moulding capacity. The investment sees them purchase a Hurco CNC Machining Centre and a Borche Injection Moulding Machine as well as employing 4 new members of staff.
Published by:  Xiamen Raco Electronic Technology CO.,LTD
01 Jun 2017
Our product ----RACO FDM+

We concentrated on high precision printers. Our machines have already gained the advantage of high precision quality compared among similar brands, we named it RACO FDM+.

RACO FDM+ is a small industrial grade 3D printer, which is based on fused deposition modeling...





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