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For 2015 the conference programme will celebrate the last two decades while setting the scene for the next two, bringing together the most influential figures from across the spectrum to tell their stories and explain their vision of the way we will make things in the future. This convergence of perspectives and personalities will provide a one-of-a-kind programme that further establishes TCT as a uniquely valuable experience.

The confirmed program for 2014 can be seen below and on linked pages.
EOS Company Logo
10:10 - 10:35 EOS: A Story of Risk and Reward

Dr Hans J. Langer, CEO, EOS GmbH

Why we invited him:

Commanding a substantial business empire, Dr Hans L anger has been one of the
most quietly influential members of the AM and 3D printing world for over two
decades. With EOS he has built one of the most trusted and diverse brands in the
sphere — and it’s the story of that journey he will be sharing on stage at
TCT Show + Personalize 2014.
Materialise Company Logo
10:35 - 11:00 A Built to Last Company for a Built to Last Industry

Wilfried Vancraen, CEO, Materialise

Why we invited him:

Materialise have been winning awards for 3D printing since the very earliest days of the technology thanks to a uniquely innovative culture. With diverse interests across the consumer, medical, autotmotive and product development markets Fried’s sphere of influence stretches far and wide — the ideas in his head could shape the industry for years to come. Find out what those ideas are at TCT Show+ Personalize 2014.
11:30- 12:00 Blowing Bubbles: Gaps Between the Potential and Reality of 3D Printing

Joris Peels (@pilz), Freelance Consultant, Voxelfab

Why we invited him:

Joris is a 3D printing consultant specializing is strategic advice on marketing, design & manufacturing for functional 3D printed products. He is also the Community Manager for YouMagine, a 3D printing community that wants to make all things malleable. Joris writes for TCT Magazine, Inside3DP and the Wohlers Report. Follow Joris on @pilz on Twitter.
Gary-Rabinowitz Head Shot
12:00 - 12:30 Reebok Checklight: AM Made It All Possible

Gary Rabinowitz, RP Lab Manager, Reebok

Why we invited him:

Gary’s involvement in the AM and 3D printing world comes both from his day job with Reebok and his long-standing commitment to the Additive Manufacturing Users Group. His presentation forms part of an Apparel and Wearbale mini-session where he will talk about 3D printing as a prototyping technology for the wearable CHECKLIGHT head injury early warning system.
John Dunstan
13:00 - 13:30 Additive Manufacturing at BAE MA&I - Printed Aircraft - The Road to Reality

John Dunstan, Head of the Agile Product Development Centre, BAE Systems

Why we invited him:

John joined BAE Systems Military Air and Information (MA&I) in 1981 as an undergraduate apprentice, graduating with a B.Eng Hons in Mechanical Engineering from Liverpool University in 1985. In his 33 years with BAES John has undertaken a number of roles, initially developing and implementing manufacturing strategy projects as a Manufacturing Systems Engineer, prior to undertaking Manufacturing/Engineering management roles, working on:- 1) The Typhoon Production Program start up. 2) The Nimrod Program co-ordinating the design authority transfer of the Nimrod Wing transition from Airbus back into BAES 3) The F35 Lightening Program, addressing Production Transition planning, Operational stand up of initial Assembly facility and supply chain and latterly in the role of International Industrial Participation Manager responsible for standing up duplicate assembly and detail manufacturing capabilities in a number of companies in countries that are partners in the program. Recently, John was selected to be the Head of the Agile Product Development Centre, which is focussed on standing up "end to end" process capabilities to support development and low rate production requirements for both future Project requirements and support to sustainment programs. Phase 1 of this is focussed on the consolidation of MA&I's Additive Manufacturing capabilities and the maturation and delivery of it's AM strategy.
Jordan Brandt
13:30 - 14:00 The Complexity of Compiling Matter

Dr Jordan Brandt, Technology Futurist, Autodesk (@gordobia)

Why we invited him:

Dr Jordan Brandt is a polymath and entrepreneur who joined Autodesk (a company that has since become an entrant into the open source 3D printing space) when it acquired a company he founded and ran. With experience in the architecture, aerospace, cloud computing, and composites manufacturing industries, Jordan now works as a futurist — deploying his vast multi-faceted experience to assessing the impact of today's developments on tomorrow's world — and the democratisation of manufacturing through 3D printing technologies could be one of the biggest changes in generations. Hear Jordan speak from the main stage at TCT Show + Personalize.
Todd Grimm
14:00 - 14:30 3D Printing Triumphs: Through the Eyes of the Small/Mid-Size Enterprise

Todd Grimm, President, T. A. Grimm and Associates (@tgrimm)

Why we invited him:

Todd is a perennial favourite at TCT Show, having presented for the last four events. Embedded within the community, Todd has access to all the information and all the figures — and best of all he’s happy to talk about it! Though-provoking, entertaining and always engaging, Todd answers your questions before you knew to ask them.
Philip Reeves
15:00-16:00 Embedding Additive Manufacturing into the Supply Chain and 3D Printing into the Retail and Service Offer - Methodologies, Examples and Ideas

Phil Reeves Managing Director, Econolyst Ltd

Why we invited him:

Dr. Phil Reeves has worked in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing field for nearly 20 years, having earned a PhD in the subject from Nottingham University in the mid-90s. As the MD of Econolyst Phil keeps his finger on the pulse of the field from R&D through to series production, and advises an international client base on adoption of AM and more. Phil will bring this experience to bear at TCT Show + Personalize.
11:45 - 12:05 NPL Training: The Universe of Measurement in the Palm of Your Hand

Andre Silva, e-Learning Manager, NPL Training

Biography Coming Soon

12:10 - 12:30 Bringing 3D Scanning to the Consumer Space

Trevor Townsend, CTO, Matter and Form

Trevor has had a diverse career path, including roles in software development, IT consulting, business analysis, and music. Trevor has written software used by multinational corporations including ArcelorMittal, Home Hardware and Staples to manage employee time. He has authored reports on IT requirements for the manufacturing, retail and reinsurance industries, and has co-authored a web gaming system capable of supporting millions of simultaneous users. Trevor has also written and performed music, which has been sold and reviewed around the world. Trevor is thrilledto be part of the senior leadership team at Matter and Form, an organisation with a great team of people who make great decisions and great products.
13:30 - 13:50 Latest Faro Technical Advancement in Laser Scanning Technology

Andrew Tagg, Area Sales Director - Europe North

Biography Coming Soon
15:10 - 15.30 Alternative Materials for Alternative Energy

Stephen Gooden, Business Development Specialist, Olympus

Biography Coming Soon

13:55 - 14:15 Optical Versus Contact Metrology

Jonathan Firberg, Mahr UK

Biography Coming Soon
14:20- 14:40 Scanalign - The Future of Large Volume Hand Held Scanning

John Beckett, Europac

Biography Coming Soon
14:45 - 15.05  Traceability, the Optical Advantage

Daniel Lainchbury, Physical Digital

Physical Digital presents an insight into the advantages offered by modern optical scanning; explaining how maintaining a complete chain of custody from measurement to report is converting many customers to optical measuring systems to ensure complete traceability.